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Why is your resident membership essential?

No entity in the Village including Par Club has the authority to simply block an individual from buying a home in the Village. Unlike condo boards or some homeowners' associations, if Par Club intervenes in a home sale, it must step in as the new buyer. This is the primary tool available to safeguard the Village's quality of life for existing residents.

Par Club’s efforts over the years have historically played an important role in assuring a tranquil life in the Village, which has in turn played an important role in our rising home prices. It has therefore become increasingly expensive for Par Club to purchase a home if that becomes necessary.

With buyers now purchasing homes without so much as visiting South Florida, the odds of Par Club's intervention in sales is increasing. The natural vetting that takes place by broker interaction, site visits, and getting a feel if buyer and community are a good fit is less common.


Par Club has worked diligently in recent years to strengthen its balance sheet and increase resident participation. However, without the full participation of all Village homeowners, Par Club may not continue to have the resources needed to ensure our life style. Unless all residents support Par Club, all residents run the risk of losing what has made the Village of Golf the special place that it is.

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